Dive into my comprehensive 3-week review of the Vision Pro. Discover the highs, lows, and surprising uses of this tech marvel.


This is an AI Powered YouTube Summary of Apple Vision Pro Review - 3 Weeks In by Himels Tech

Key Highlights

  • 🛠️ Started a channel to share Vision Pro insights, rapidly gaining traction across social media.
  • 🎓 Introducing Michael, a digital marketing pro with a passion for the latest tech, especially headsets.
  • 🚀 Vision Pro's arrival sparked a deep dive into its capabilities, leading to this detailed review.
  • 👀 Despite initial doubts, the Vision Pro proves to be a game-changer for remote work with its screen setup ease.
  • 🎮 Vision Pro excels beyond gaming—its movie-watching experience is unparalleled, offering incredible fidelity.
  • 🕶️ Comfort with the headset varies; swapping bands can help, but long durations may still cause discomfort.
  • 📱 Pass-through technology impresses but doesn't fully meet the hyped expectations, signaling room for improvement.
  • 🔍 The app ecosystem for Vision Pro feels lacking, with a need for better app discovery and quality enhancements.
  • 👾 Early AR apps hint at the potential of Vision Pro's display fidelity, promising a bright future for spatial computing.
  • 🌐 Vision Pro's current limitations in professional settings hint at substantial future software and hardware potential.


Question: Who is Michael and does he work for Apple?

Answer: Michael, who created the channel, works in digital marketing and does not work for Apple. He shares a keen interest in technology, especially headsets.

Question: Can Vision Pro replace traditional screens for remote work?

Answer: While not a replacement for physical screens in every scenario, Vision Pro is highly beneficial for remote work, offering the flexibility of multiple screens anywhere.

Question: How does the Vision Pro fare for movie watching?

Answer: The Vision Pro offers an exceptional movie-watching experience, with high fidelity making it fantastic for viewing 3D movies or standard films.

Question: What are the comfort levels like with the Vision Pro?

Answer: Comfort can vary; adjustments like changing the strap can improve it, but wearing it for more than an hour might cause discomfort.

Question: Is the pass-through technology as good as expected?

Answer: The pass-through technology, though impressive, does not fully live up to the heightened expectations set by early reviews.

Question: What's the state of the app ecosystem for Vision Pro?

Answer: The app ecosystem currently feels limited, with a significant need for better discovery and quality enhancement of Vision Pro-specific apps.

Question: Can you use Vision Pro in professional settings?

Answer: While promising, the Vision Pro's current capabilities and app limitations suggest it's not fully ready for professional settings, especially for meetings.

Question: What future improvements are anticipated for Vision Pro?

Answer: Future improvements are likely to focus on software enhancements, particularly for pass-through, eye and finger tracking, and expanding the app ecosystem.