Join us as we take the Apple Vision Pro on a flight, exploring its features, limitations, and whether it's worth the high price.


This is an AI Powered YouTube Summary of Vision Pro on an AIRPLANE | FULL Travel Experience & Features by Gravel

Key Highlights

  • ✈️ Taking Apple Vision Pro on an airplane to test its capabilities.
  • 👓 Exploring the VR headset's features including text messaging and menu navigation.
  • 🚶‍♂️ Discovering challenges with mobility and screen interaction while moving.
  • 🎥 Watching YouTube and managing apps in a unique spatial computing environment.
  • 🎮 Attempting to play Fruit Ninja and exploring VR's interactive gaming potential.
  • 📚 Testing reading and editing capabilities aboard a flight, with mixed results.
  • 💼 Discussing the practicality of traveling with the headset's bulky case.
  • 👀 Experiencing seamless cursor control with eye tracking and hand gestures.
  • 🦋 Enjoying virtual experiences like butterflies and dinosaurs in the airplane cabin.
  • 💰 Debating the value proposition of the Apple Vision Pro given its hefty price tag.


Question: Can you use Apple Vision Pro while walking?

Answer: Using Apple Vision Pro while walking is challenging due to screen interaction issues and mobility limitations.

Question: Is the Apple Vision Pro suitable for watching YouTube videos?

Answer: Yes, watching YouTube videos is feasible, but requires adjusting the screen position as you move.

Question: Can you play games like Fruit Ninja on the Apple Vision Pro?

Answer: Playing games is possible, but the experience can be cumbersome, especially in a confined space like an airplane.

Question: Is reading on the Apple Vision Pro a good experience?

Answer: Reading is achievable, but the interface can be finicky, making traditional books or Kindles a preferable option for some.

Question: How practical is it to travel with the Apple Vision Pro?

Answer: While intriguing for travel, the bulky case and setup make it less practical for light travelers.

Question: Does the Apple Vision Pro offer good value for its price?

Answer: Given its current limitations and high cost, its value is debatable, though it offers unique experiences.

Question: Can you edit videos on the Apple Vision Pro?

Answer: Video editing is possible with an extended screen space, offering a novel experience despite the device's price.

Question: Is the Apple Vision Pro easy to use for first-time users?

Answer: There's a learning curve, especially with eye and hand gesture controls, but it offers a seamless experience once accustomed.