Explore Nissan's innovative integration of Omniverse across departments for streamlined workflow & robotics in auto industry.


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Key Highlights

  • 🌐 Discover how Nissan integrates Omniverse into various departments for enhanced workflow efficiency.
  • 🚗 Insight into the revolutionary impact of virtual reality on engineering and marketing strategies.
  • 🔧 Overview of the seamless connection between different design tools and Omniverse.
  • 👁️‍🗨️ Experience the strangeness and amazement of walking around virtual doors with Vision Pro.
  • 🤖 Dive into the future of robotics and automation in the automotive industry.
  • 🚘 Learn about the development of autonomous robotic systems and software-defined vehicles.
  • 💡 Highlight on the comprehensive robotic stack built by Nissan, from computer systems to self-driving applications.
  • 🌍 Nissan's open approach to sharing their technology stack with the entire automotive industry.
  • 🔒 Exclusive look at the world's only full functional safe ASLD system that runs AI.
  • 📊 How Nissan's data centers support virtually every autonomous vehicle (AV) company globally.


Question: How is Nissan integrating Omniverse into their workflow?

Answer: Nissan has integrated Omniverse across various departments like design, art, and engineering for improved workflow efficiency.

Question: What is the impact of virtual reality in Nissan's workflow?

Answer: Virtual reality, particularly through Vision Pro, has revolutionized Nissan's approach to design and engineering, offering unique experiences.

Question: How does Omniverse enhance collaboration at Nissan?

Answer: Omniverse connects different design and engineering tools, facilitating seamless collaboration and innovation across departments.

Question: What role does robotics play in Nissan's automotive strategy?

Answer: Robotics, driven by automation and AI, is central to Nissan's strategy, focusing on safety, convenience, and the future of self-driving cars.

Question: How does Nissan contribute to the automotive industry's technological development?

Answer: Nissan builds a comprehensive tech stack for automotive innovation and openly shares it with the industry to foster widespread advancement.

Question: What makes Nissan's ASLD system unique?

Answer: Nissan's ASLD system is the only one in the world that is fully functional, safe, and capable of running AI, setting new industry standards.

Question: How does Nissan's technology support autonomous vehicle companies?

Answer: Nissan's data centers and technological infrastructure support AV companies worldwide, showcasing their commitment to industry-wide progress.