Dive into building a Vision OS app for the Apple Vision Pro, from coding to 3D design. A guide for developers!


This is an AI Powered YouTube Summary of I built an Apple Vision Pro app... visionOS tutorial by Beyond Fireship

Key Highlights

  • 🍏 Transitioning from criticizing to embracing Apple's Vision Pro technology.
  • 🔧 Detailed walkthrough on developing a basic 3D app for the Apple Vision Pro.
  • 💡 Highlighting the huge opportunity for developers in the Vision OS platform.
  • 🎮 Comparison between Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro, focusing on hardware and ecosystem.
  • 🚀 Insights into the VR development landscape, emphasizing early adoption advantages.
  • 👓 Discussing the VR experience and consumer reactions to Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest.
  • 🛠️ Tutorial on using Swift UI and Apple's SDK for app development.
  • 💥 Adding engaging 3D objects and animations using Reality Kit.
  • 🎲 Showcasing the process of fetching and displaying GIFs within the app.
  • 🤖 Exploring interactive elements in VR through collision components and gesture recognition.


Question: Why did the creator decide to build an app for Apple Vision Pro?

Answer: After initially criticizing the Apple Vision Pro, the creator decided to explore its development platform and discovered significant opportunities for developers.

Question: What makes developing for Vision OS appealing?

Answer: The ease of development, combined with the platform's novelty and Apple's extensive user base, presents a lucrative opportunity for developers.

Question: How does the Apple Vision Pro compare to Meta Quest 3?

Answer: While the Apple Vision Pro offers superior graphics and integration, Meta Quest 3 is praised for its comfort and extensive game library.

Question: What are the main differences between developing for VR and traditional apps?

Answer: VR app development involves more complex graphics, gestures, and user experience considerations, making it more challenging than traditional 2D app development.

Question: Can you develop for Apple Vision Pro without owning the device?

Answer: Yes, developers can use Xcode's built-in Vision OS simulator to develop and test apps without the physical device.

Question: What programming languages and tools are used for developing Vision OS apps?

Answer: The tutorial uses Swift and Swift UI for app development, emphasizing the accessibility for those familiar with Apple's development ecosystem.

Question: How do you add 3D objects to a Vision OS app?

Answer: The tutorial demonstrates using Reality Kit to easily add and customize 3D objects within the app environment.

Question: What is the potential of VR apps in the current tech landscape?

Answer: With companies like Apple making VR more mainstream, there's significant potential for VR apps, especially in early development stages of new ecosystems.

Question: How can developers make their VR apps interactive?

Answer: Developers can use features like colliders and gesture recognition in Reality Kit to create interactive 3D objects and environments.

Question: Why are GIF animations important in the tutorial app?

Answer: GIF animations are used to demonstrate fetching and displaying dynamic content from the internet within the app, showcasing the app's connectivity and interactivity.