Discover the future of mixed reality as we test the Apple Vision Pro in daily life scenarios, from productivity boosts to spatial video.


This is an AI Powered YouTube Summary of Apple Vision Pro: in depth test in NYC! by NothingButTech

Key Highlights

  • 🍳 Demonstrating the Vision Pro's utility with cooking timers and extra monitor displays for enhanced daily productivity.
  • 👀 Features 12 cameras and inside displays with over 23 million pixels, offering a 4K resolution experience for immersive mixed reality.
  • 🖐 Interaction with the Vision Pro is intuitive, using eye tracking for selection and hand gestures for navigation.
  • 📱 Despite wearing the headset, the semi-transparent pass-through video maintains a connection with the physical environment.
  • 🎥 Spatial video recording and playback offer an immersive experience, making memories feel vivid and real.
  • 🔋 Discusses the practicality of the headset's battery life and design, highlighting a separate battery pack for extended use.
  • 👾 Tests the Vision Pro in various lighting conditions, uncovering its capabilities and limitations in real-world environments.
  • 💬 Introduces 'Personas' for FaceTime calls, allowing users to present a digital representation of themselves while in a call.
  • 🚆 Explores the utility and experience of using the Vision Pro in a travel scenario, highlighting its portability and functionality.
  • 👓 Shares initial reactions and experiences, offering insights into the potential of mixed reality technology in enhancing daily life.


Question: What is the resolution of the Apple Vision Pro's displays?

Answer: The Vision Pro's displays have over 23 million pixels, equating to about a 4K resolution for each eye.

Question: How does interaction work with the Vision Pro?

Answer: Interaction is done through eye tracking for selection and hand gestures for navigation, with very intuitive controls.

Question: Can you see your environment while wearing the Vision Pro?

Answer: Yes, the Vision Pro uses semi-transparent pass-through video, allowing users to stay connected with their surroundings.

Question: What makes spatial video special on the Vision Pro?

Answer: Spatial video adds depth to recordings, offering an immersive experience that makes memories feel vivid and real.

Question: How does the Vision Pro handle battery life?

Answer: It features a separate battery pack for extended use, with a 2 to 4-hour battery life and USB-C port for charging.

Question: Are there any limitations of the Vision Pro in certain environments?

Answer: The Vision Pro can have difficulty with tracking in poorly lit environments or when there's rapid movement.

Question: What is 'Personas' feature in FaceTime calls?

Answer: It allows users to present a digital representation of themselves on calls, capturing facial expressions and animations.

Question: Can the Vision Pro be used for productivity?

Answer: Yes, it can add monitors for work, display timers for cooking, and even integrate with a MacBook Pro for a full monitor experience.